Locally-Grown Grass-Fed Lamb and Beef, and Other Farm Products

About the Farm

We purchased our farm in late 2011, with the idea that we would begin a small, grass-based livestock operation to help feed ourselves as well as our local community. A short time after we closed on the property, we moved our 5 Dorset sheep here. At the time of purchase most of the 15 acres was not being used as farm land, and had become overgrown with various small shrubs, trees, and many weeds. We wanted to reclaim the land through grazing animals on it, supplemented with some mechanical cutting and mowing. Our idea is to work with Nature, rather than to fight it, and is why we chose our farm name to reflect that philosophy.


Our Dorset Sheep were bred to produce on grass! They are able to breed at different times of the year (spring or fall).


The beef steers we raise are from a local crossbred dairy farm that also uses a grass-base production system.


Check here for our other farm products that are available periodically, such as heritage breed turkeys, sheep skins, & more