Other Farm Products

Heritage breed turkeys need to be cooked differently than the grocery store type because they have less fat – we recommend the techniques that can be found here.

Heritage Breed Turkeys

We raise heritage breed turkeys from eggs that we incubate here on the farm. The breeds are Bourbon Red and crosses of Bourbon Reds and Chocolates. These heritage breed turkeys are different from what you would purchase in the grocery store because they grow slower, weigh less, and have better flavor. Our tom and three hens are allowed to roam free in our pastures year-round, except in extreme winter conditions. When the poults hatch, we brood them here on the farm, and then at 8 weeks of age they begin to go outside on pasture, where they forage for grass and insects. We also feed them grain from a local feed mill, and harvest them when they are approximately 12-18 pounds – the hens are smaller than the toms.

**Our turkeys are processed on the farm, and are limited in quantity. Please order turkeys well in advance of Thanksgiving. They may be either fresh or frozen depending on time of year.