Order Sheet: Lamb (Whole or Half)

When ordering a half or whole lamb PBN Farm charges a per pound price based on the “hanging weight.” Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass before it is cut–you will lose approximately 1/3rd of the hanging weight in excess bone and fat when the butcher packages the meat. This cutting loss is the reason the hanging weight price is lower than net weight prices. We estimate lamb hanging weights will be between 40 and 50 + pounds per animal. Customers can order a half or whole lamb which will be cut to your specifications. The per pound price does not include the cost of processing. We utilize Larry’s Custom Meats for USDA processing and can help you make arrangements with a non-USDA custom processor, if you prefer this option which is less expensive. The current cost of USDA processing is $125.00 for a lamb or $62.50 for a half.

So, the cost of a whole lamb with a hanging weight of 45 lbs with USDA processing is 45lbs x $4.00lb = $180.00 + $125.00 processing = $305.00. Half a lamb using the same weight and processing cost would cost $152.50.

Whole/Half Lamb Cuts